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Titanic Pictures

Below are some pictures from the musical, Titanic. These pictures are copyrighted by Joan Marcus and Carol Rosegg.

barret.jpg- Barrett and the other crew members gaze at the ship.
maidenboarding.jpg- The passangers of the RMS Titanic board the ship.
praythejourneysound.jpg- The passengers pray for a safe passage across the ocean on the deck.
still.jpg- Ida and Isidor Straus' confession of love that after 40 together, they'll love eachother forever, even after they die together on the ship.
theresheisss.gif- The crew of the Titanic gaze up in wonder as the ship approches.
tinyship.jpg- The small ship that the technicians of Titanic sail across the stage.
titanicimgpipes.gif- The broken water pipes that were part of the original logo of Titanic.
titanic.gif- A picture of the original logo for Broadway's Titanic.
titanicowner.jpg- "The master, and the builder, and the owner of the largest moving object in the world" look up at the ship.
titanicshadows.jpg- The passengers awake, being startled by a sudden shift of the ship...
whataremarkableage.jpg- The millionares on the ship exult in the wonders of their world.
whodidit.jpg- The crew argue about who made the ship crash into the iceburg.
titaniccd.gif- The case for the CD that Playbill displays on their webpage.

These pictures are being used with permission from Playbill On-Line and BuyBroadway. I am in no way responsible for copyright infringement.

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