I like being angry!!

(To be read whilst listening to Swan Lake in D)

I want you to do me a favor, little bird they call swan.

I want you to get a blunt instrument and strike yourself with it 
in fearful blows to the chest and to the cranium.

Dear little bird they call swan, I want you to find the largest rock 
you can find and jump off of it like a silly goose, or swan, to your 
ultimate peril. 

Swan, I wish you would go to swim in the wonderful, toxic pools near 
a nuclear power site until you feel your pretty little beak mutating 
into a large, gargantuan feature on your fine feathered face.

I wish for you the best swan.

But before I let you go I wish you would come out of your little 
swimming hole and dry off on this nice, opened power generator.

Oh, and my dear, dear little swan, why donít you get your eyes checked? 

- For my buddy and pal