All Young and Seemingly Virginal White House Interns Welcomed!

Hello, and welcome to an all new edition of Randy Blair's Homepage: The Oddman Cometh BACK! Yes, sports fans, I am back, and boy have I been busy. I have been working all summer and fall to make a new, supercalifragilisticexpialadocious update of Randy Blair's Homepage for the new year! (Well, actually, I've been sitting on my ass eating cheesy poofs and Ring Dings, watching this godforsaken place collect dust for some 6 months and counting.) So, I hope you enjoy this new tantalyzing update. Nothing is really new in my life though, I have to warn you. I'm so exciting I need a Depends! Oh yes, and also, I have added a new theme: The Many Faces of Me. How touching. Anyway, enjoy the page, guys! Adios for another... 6 months. ;)