OK, here are some of the people I call my best "friends". (term used loosely) UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!

 Damon and Shealon, my best twin friends. (My only twin friends.)
 Billy, the crazy diva.
 Shannon. Big hat. Purple skirt.
 Steven. A hee a hee snort snort.
 Christina, Production Stage with a Whip!
 Matt, the punk.

That's it for now, I think I'm getting carpal tunnel.. ;)

Damon is the evil twin. He is the inventor of the change filled breast implants for very poor women and fellow Michael Jackson/Charles Manson impressionist. Co-founder of G-TV (don't ask), Damon is most noted for playing Dino Palidino, Oprah for the 21st century, on Randy TV. Do not look at his face, ladies.. (inside joke.)

Shealon is the gooder than evil twin. He invented G-TV and stars in many of their music videos. ;) Posesser of the Pee Wee Herman doll, Shealon connects with his alternate personality, Elsie McFann through ESP. (Never watch the sex instruction video by Elsie, by the way, it is pured porn. Yeehaw.) ;)

BILLY is the diva. A bigger diva than me. (Yes, that is hard for you to imagine) When he's not getting his horsie plates burnt up, he enjoys putting his hair up like a sumo wrestler and putting on gobs and gobs of stage make-up. (Picture to come later, it's hilarious.) When he's not trying to get rid of Rebecca, he's always driving the shit mobile and bopping to Gettin Jiggy with It. (Another great picture.)

Shannon or Shannie, Shanino the Bambino, Amanda Cook, Bow Ass, and Crackwhore IS the developer of that great big clan called the Crackwhores. When she isn't wearing a 6 ft tall pointy, yellow hat, a purple dance skirt with a leotard, or a big aquamarine bow on her ass, she can be seen on the corner of Winchester selling her sexy bod, or in computer class. You will know that you have been attacked by Shannon if you have giant ballet shoe welts on you, black cane marks, or if you just wake up in the middle of the night and someone is hitting you, giggling, and saying "like" and "You must be on crack" repeatedly. ;)

Steven is the only person I know who can laugh out loud while watching The Crucible. He has a killer laugh though. He laughs on stage too. But basically because he was playing Sherlock Holmes and came face to face with The Phantom Shitter. ;) Oh, if you want to know that story, just ask, it's hilarious. Anyway the only thing I can think to say about Steven is that he has a cool laugh and he farts like a chemical power plant worker.

Christina kicks ass. And she has my Kiss of the Spiderwoman CD. Give it back, dammit. Miss Duncan Heines Festival.

Matt is a punk. Punk.