The only thing on this site that IS finished. Well, actually, this is the old version of the friends page. ;) There will be minor updates tomorrow when I'm awake and ready to fix. ;)



This portion of the page is dedicated to my wonderful wife, Jenn. ;) I love her very, very much, but especially her huge penis. We are now expecting our 1st baby. Well, our first live one. The other 5 were mysteriously killed in ways I would cringe to mention.


On the Internet and Real-Life

Here are my internet friends!!! To learn about my REAL LIFE FRIENDS (and yes, I do have some) go here.

ChatNET's #phantom Home Page. This webpage is dedicated to that channel of channels on IRC, #phantom. This is
where we all hang out during the day. Sometimes we don't even talk. But who cares! We are here and that's all we need
to know. :P

Kevin "the Annihilator" C has won the Randy Blair's Homepage : The Oddman Cometh Flying W (=w=) Award.
Kevin-C is coo. He's coo. And coo. He's really coo. Weezer coo. So that's why he got the award, foo. Yes, Kev-C is
"he who says 'foo'" #phantom. Keeper of Mungo, the Evil Demonic Butterfly of Horror and the Weezer CDs, Kev is the
perfect example of... a Kevin-C. Kev-C's the techno master, and has made many people's careers in the techno realm.
Yes, he's handy with a tape recorder and manages to keep the Phantom Goddess under control when she meets the only
man that isn't a pig, Franc D'Ambrosio. Let's all stand up and cheer. Whee! Oh yeah, he is not a guy, he is a foo. Foo..

Karin AKA. Ayesha has won the Randy Blair's Homepage : The Oddman Cometh Cheap Plastic Franc
D'Ambrosio Drool Bucket Award. Ayesha is really cool. Ayesha is the #phantom Goddess. She runs the phantom
mailing list. She also has her own domain, which is regally cool. She knows Franc D'Ambrosio and runs his fan club. He's
the only male who isn't a pig. Well, except me. She's also co-writing the IRC Musical with me, but she's suffering from a
perma mental block.

Krista AKA. Turandot, Mata Hari, ect. is the pround winner of the Randy Blair's Homepager : The Oddman
Cometh Face of the Month Award! Krista is one of my best friends on IRC. She's really nice and runs a Michael
Crawford Page and Phantom Literature Page. She also knows ALOT of stuff about the Titanic, which is very cool.
Krista hates to have her picture taken. Currently, there are none on the record. She is always the first one I ask to
overview my pages. :P

Bethany AKA. Carlotta is cool as well. She runs the Carlotta Shrine, and the Piangi Shrine (in which I created the banner
for the link exchange and submitted info). She's really neat to talk to, although sometimes I am frightened. :P She's really
nice, on the other hand, and informative. She'd rather pick Carlotta as a role model than Christine.
Margaret AKA. Xandella, Ratboy, ect. is another nice person to hang around. She has split personalities. :) First she's
Xandella, the Happy Cheery Girl. Her other side is Rat Girl, the Psycho Bitch from Hell. Very funny, might I add. She's
the official "#phantom Pin-up Girl".

Rachel AKA. Twinkles is really cool. She's my IRC liver. :P She doesn't have many friends, so she is forced to live with
us Internet Geeks. I haven't seen her in forever, though! :(
Nicola is very nice. Her favorite phantom is Grant Norman. I don't know enough about her to write here, but I'm sure it's
interesting! :P Her roomie, Simon, gives us the dirt on her through IRC. OH! And she's currently looking for a whip!
Anyone got one for sale?
Corey AKA. Gambit, Horatio, ect. is one of the few guys on #phantom. Alas! Someone to talk to! Actually, he's very
cool and informative. The #phantom playa is in love with Jade, the #phantom witch! And he's my official brother-in-law.
When Gam's not eyeing the red heads, he's pretty sane.

Tim AKA. Black Cat is another #phantom guy. (that's #3!) He's really cool and good at making graphics. He
occasionally struts around in a cape and turns on the fog machine. A good friend. He recently won the Most Anxious to
Get an Award Award.
The nameless one AKA. DefYak is another #phantom guy! #4! or something. ;-) DY is really...... interesting. He's young
and..... interesting. ;) Nah, DY is a nice guy. He's one of the youngest on the channel, but sometimes seems the oldest.
That's why I vote him..... interesting... ;) And cool. Beware of the ":P" from DY, too. His wavs are good, although he
won't let us techno-fy them. He doesn't realize his true talent.
Danielle AKA BoxFive is rather cool. She's smarter than the average bear. Or EFX. She's good at criticising, and makes
a pretty stirring case about it all. Especially when quoting Exodus. She's the keeper of the Orange of Doom, the Bagel of
Death, and the Random Mint of Terror, the three musketeer misfit food items left on Danielle's door step from food
service. Little did she know that one day this trinity of kosher delights would combine their superhuman strengths to
become the largest Gods this side of Alpha Centuari! (Well, except for the Nad of Fate *beam*)
Maaike AKA.... MAAIKE'S A RED HEAD is a red head. Yep yep. And a weeeeeeeelly good singer. Ask EFX. He
should know. He's a big Broadway casting director, FYI. Anyway, Maaike is pretty cool. She' nutsy, like me. She likes
to send everyone Boston Cookies, except for me. :`( She hates it when people call her Mickey Mookie and when people
call her a red head. Even though she is. WE LOVE YOU, MAAIKE!!!!!! :)
Tracy AKA Mariposas is neeeeeat. She's neat neat neat. Well, there isn't anything else I could say about her except that
she's neat. Well, you could count the fact she laughs at my jokes. And that's pretty cool. She's tops in my book! Oh, she
tells us everything on Maaike, the red head, too. Well, that's pretty neat. Gee, she must think I'm neat too.... hmm...
Jade AKA. Jade. :P Jade is my twin. Really! And she's a witch. Would that make me a witch look alike? Anyway, she
has some odd stories to tell (evil Grin) and has some weird friends! (Cata and Nitric) Jade's in love with Gam. Hmmm.
Would that make me a Gam lover look alike? I'm confused. :>