Welcome to the EFX Files. These are the private documents of US Secret Agent EFX. If you have stumbled across these files on accident, they're not so much of a secret now, are they? If you are a member of the IRS, Agent EFX payed those already. If you are in his family, please leave. If you are one of his friends, please leave. He will be forced to kill. If you are a bill collector or mailman, please make your way out the door. The ONLY, and I want to make myself perfectly clear... ONLY reason you should be here is accidentally. Thank you. PS. Please be aware the the "i"'s look weird. The government gave him a piece-o-@#$! font that didn't have a normal "i".

EFX01 - The Morehead Sightings

EFX02 - Escape from Hills

EFX03 - The Chickens


EFX05 - Theatre Ghost

*Although eveything on this page is aboslutly true, it is in no way affiliated with the FOX TV show. And I do add that EVERYTHING on this page is a true event. Well, some things are changed a little, but everything else is TRUE! Thanks.

- Agent EFX.